UAT Manual Tester

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  • "Multisport" card.
  •  Transportation allowance.
  • Life insurance provided by us.
  • Free coffee, food, and drinks at the office.

Purpose of the position:

Business UAT management specialist is responsible for the delivery of new capabilities in terms of quality of service after proper and extensive user acceptance testing.
Guarantees that the business systems design, functionalities and performance meet the business needs. His/her role is to identify the existing gaps and together with the responsible technical employees to search for and to propose solutions for them, to ensure that the system functionalities correspond in the best possible way to the processes.

Key responsibilities and deliverables:

  • Leads and creates User Acceptance Testing activities – from designing and creating test cases to deploying/configuring new functionalities in Business Supporting Systems.
  • Analyses the bottlenecks and how the specific new implementation might sacrifice the ongoing seamless system flow. Because of the analysis results, corresponding test cases, which cover all possible system fails, should be prepared. Performs the user acceptance tests of new functionalities system in close relation with the initiator and Technology
  • Prepares instructions/manuals for the newly implemented functionalities, takes care of all the affected parties to be informed and provides training, if necessary
  • Looks for a solution, together with the responsible technical employees, for problems with capabilities and functionalities
  • Participates in projects where his/her role is to guarantee proper and issue-less system behaviour
  • Review the prepared new products/services before their launch, from their maintenance point of view, and suggest changes to the responsible units in order to quarantine excellent customer journey
  • Carry out all other tasks, assigned by the line manager and in accordance with the employee’s qualifications and responsibilities

Other responsibilities:

Responsible for compliance with the internal labour regulations, the rules and policies for health and safety at work and the rules for the processing of personal data of the company, the requirements of the management systems under which the company is certified – information security, health and safety, environment and etc. in the performance of their duties, in particular:

  • Immediately inform and assist the employer or relevant officials in any situation at work that may pose an immediate danger to their health, the health of all employees and any faults in the collective protective equipment (fire alarm system, filter ventilation system, handrails, shutters, etc.) as well as during the implementation of health and safety at work events.
  • Take care of the health and safety of other persons directly affected by their activity, in accordance with their qualifications and the instructions given by the employer.
  • Comply with the rules on access to and handling of personal data, as well as Part XI of the Company's Internal Labour Regulations concerning labour discipline, violations and sanctions concerning information that is treated as confidential by the company and the types of penalties applied in case of dissemination of such information, taking care not to disseminate in any way to third parties information treated as confidential by the company made known to them in connection with the performance of their duties.
  • When granted access to corporate information assets and resources (e.g. accounts to systems, shared folders, e-mail groups, etc.), use them solely for the purpose of performing their duties.
  • Responsible for protecting any INFORMATION provided to them as confidential by committing not to sell, transfer, publish, disclose, display or otherwise provide it and not to authorize others to perform these actions, unless they are obliged to do so according to the legislation.
  • Responsible for making every reasonable effort to prevent unauthorized disclosure and/or publication of INFORMATION or other documents created under or resulting from the work assigned to them
  • Non-compliance with the obligations to access and work with personal data, as well as violation of the prohibition of non-dissemination of confidential and/or personal information, constitutes a serious violation of the labour discipline.

Competency requirements:


  • University degree in Economics, Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics or related


  • Minimum half year of experience in business description revision, test case preparation, system knowledge


  • Good knowledge of the English language
  • PC skills, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Proactive, Innovative, Adaptable, Flexible
  • Excellent organizational and analytical skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Effective team player
  • Ability to work cross-functionally in a challenging environment
  • Ability to work under stress
  • Loyal employee
  • Independent, energetic person with flexibility and initiative

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