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We improve your SEO to outrank the competition

How do we support your business?
SEO – Search engine optimization is one of the most effective and profitable digital marketing methods to increase the traffic to your website and to convert potential customers into real ones.
We increase the organic traffic to your site/page/landing page;
We manage to reduce your budget for online advertising;
We make your business more recognizable by improving your search engine visibility such as: Google, Yandex, YouTube… .;
We strengthen your reputation and image among customers, partners, sponsors, and even employees.
SEO Audit
We start with conducting a thorough technical evaluation of your website to identify potential issues and shortfalls related to search engine crawling, usability, and accessibility. Through evaluating sites, we can zero in on what’s holding them back, and help to shore up any and all weaknesses, while modernizing and refining the overall.
Keyword Research
At the core of any great SEO strategy is always going to be keyword research. Without the right keywords, ou cannot hope to truly attain the levels of ranking, authority, and traffic flow you need to thrive. We focus on keyword research to make sure that not only does your business get to where it needs to be, but it does it organically too.
Conversion Rate Optimization
In order to get the best possible outcome from existing traffic, we study the customer’s journey from page impression to purchase. From interest to action, we utilize keyword research to streamline this journey, putting your website, service, products, and experience forefront in the customer’s mind.
Link Building
Link building provides value and authority to your site by effectively having other high-authority sites link and vouch for it. We build robust search engine optimization campaigns around link building, producing content, and linking back to your web property, enabling both readers and search engines to follow the path back to your website, and boost ranking and traffic.

Diversify your revenue streams with Affiliate Marketing

Our affiliate marketing strategy is tailored to your goals, your brand, and your competitive landscape to find the most relevant publisher. 
Our goal is to build a long-term strategy and generate a steady revenue stream. To do so, we showcase your brand in relevant digital environment and speak directly to your highly engaged audience.
An effective affiliate campaign is one that grows with you. We understand the consistent need for scaling campaigns across your affiliate network and handpick partners who are spearheading their own growth as well. We believe in long-term partnerships with the right people to create lasting campaigns.
Hand-picked partners
We do deep dives into our database to find partners and analyze their data to make sure it fits perfectly.
Long-term relationships
Our huge network of affiliates enables us to form a team that leaves no stone unturned. We make sure that you are the talk of the town.
Real-time evaluations
We perform a cost-benefit analysis to find optimal rates of commission with each of the affiliates that creates maximum incentives and drive results.
Global scale
We don't just consider your growth but also the growth of affiliates to ensure that sales don't just add up, they multiply.

Digital customer acquisition for efficient growth

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An innovative approach to PPC that focuses on growth

Our PPC consulting services are designed to increase immediate traffic to your website with highly targeted ads. We focus on ‘ready to buy’ keywords that allow you to have control over your marketing efforts by letting you target customers based on their interests, location, time, etc., ensuring that your ads are seen by the right people at the right time.
Preparation of an overall and comprehensive strategy for PPC campaign;
Finding the right keyword phrases to be part of the advertising content;
Overall management of your Google Adds and Facebook Adds campaigns;
With the right efforts, we can help you: increase your profit, generate more leads to your pages, make your brand more recognizable and be able to stand out from the competition in your niche.
Initial Analysis and Strategy
We organize a one-on-one with you to understand your campaign goals, and then we work with you to set practical goals for your campaign. Our aim is to deliver an entire search campaign, including, expertly writing persuasive ads, to make sure the KPIs we set out at the beginning with you are delivered.
Keyword Research
Our paid campaigns are based on solid metrics and ad content that resonates with your target audience and moves them to take the action you want – whether it is a click to visit your landing page or microsite, or an entire click to conversion journey.  We monitor the performance on an everyday basis to filter or add keywords as your business and campaign objectives dictate.
Ongoing Campaign Management
Once we’ve created a unique strategy to suit your business objectives, we move on to execution. We handle all day-to-day management of your search campaign. Whether it is adjusting bids, checking budgets, or optimizing keywords based on test results. Then we optimize your campaign, strengthening keywords that do well and negating the ones that don’t. 
Detailed PPC Reporting
We are in the business of making you stand out. To do that we follow a diligent process with every search campaign we run. We will regularly send you detailed reports about your campaigns – highlighting where your budget is being utilized, which ads are most clicked, which devices are working best for delivering your ads. And a detailed report on impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and cost per click. Plus, if you’d like, we’re always on hands to answer any questions you may have.

We get your social followers to engage

Social media is far more than tweeting or ‘gramming your favorite lunch. It is a way to create or amplify a narrative through two-way communication with your prospective customers. At SBT Solution, we focus on providing engaging, well-targeted content, and managing relationships with customers through social platforms. We achieve this with consistency in messaging, creating a unique brand identity, and producing ever-evolving creative content.
If you’re looking to increase sales, grow your audience, or improve brand recall, we have proven methodologies that will propel you to the cutting edge of social. Our purpose is to showcase your brand at its most engaging best.
Community mamagement
We help you stay connected with your community and build a strong relationship with your followers.

Social media management strategy
Our digital strategies build unique media strategies based on key messaging, brand image and latest trends, to stimulate return on investment and positive results.
Creative Content Creation
We implement a content strategy adapted to your objectives and targets. Your content enhances your brand image and engages community. 
Reports and analysis
We measure results monthly and optimize our content creation based on previous performance and trends.
We’re digital mixologists, using data, technology, and human brilliance to drive results across multiple channels simultaneously. And when the results come in, we improve them. Continuously.
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